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A simple client implementation to access autoscout24 api for/in node.js


At the moment just available from here. Please clone... More coming soon.


Please consider that two of the three main 'REST Methods' are implemented.

  • findArticles
  • getLookUpData
  • getMakeModelTree (not implemented yet)

Getting Started

Before getting started make sure you put your 'developer garden' credentials in settings.js. Then just include/require autoscout24client.js and authentication.js in your project/module/code.

get the token from authentication.js

      // get error/token 

get data with query from autoscout24client.js

var query = {
    Autoscout24Client.findArticles(savedToken,query, function(err,res){
      // get error/response 

For a detailed Descriptions how the query should look like for successfull response take a look at the official developer garden REST api documentation.


Include missing api method with available query

Run Tests

You can find tests for Mocha in folder tests. Just run it with:

  . Makefile

Remember to put your credentials in settings.js