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A server for Chrome Devtools Autosave (

A server for chrome-devtools-autosave.

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Open a terminal ( on Mac OS X, cmd.exe on Windows)
  3. Run npm install -g autosave

It fails with "Error: EACCES, permission denied". What should I do?

Run the same command as an administrator. On Mac OS X and Linux it would be sudo npm install -g autosave.

Run autosave in the terminal. You should see something like "DevTools Autosave is running on".

It doesn’t work on Windows. I’m having 'autosave' is not recognized as an internal or external command

Have you tried turn it it off and on again? Seriously, restart the system.

It might be annoying to open a terminal and type "autosave↵" every time you need to run Autosave. On Mac OS X and Ubuntu you can run Autosave on OS launch as a daemon. To do so run:

npm run-script -g autosave autostart

It is not yet available on other operation systems.