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Adds autoprefixer support to brunch.

Deprecated. Please use postcss-brunch instead. It lets you run any postcss plugins, and includes an example on how to use autoprefixer.


Install it: how to, what plugin version to use. npm install --save autoprefixer-brunch should do the trick. Note that version 1.8.x also works with brunch 1.7.14 and newer (but not 1.7.13 and older).

You can specify the browsers you want to target in your project, as well as other options:

exports.config =
  # … 
      browsers: ["last 1 version""> 1%""ie 8""ie 7"]
      cascade: false

In a nutshell, autoprefixer(config.plugins.autoprefixer) is run, so you can pass anything you can pass to autoprefixer.


X11 (“MIT”) Licensed.