node package manager



Automatically install dependencies in node.js. So you don't have to write them in your package.json, so you don't have to use dependency-check, or so do you don't have to do npm install.

Development Status

This is very hacky and uses node's undocumented internals. Thus, don't expect it to ever reach 1.0.0. Also, this all should ideally be included with node once ES6 modules are supported. But who knows when that's going to happen.

This uses child_process.execFileSync(), so is only supported in node >= v0.11.13ish.

CLI Usage

You can install autoinstall globally:

npm i -g autoinstall

Then use autoinstall(1) like node(1):

autoinstall index.js

autoinstall(1) is also aliased as a(1):

a index.js

API Usage

npm i autoinstall

Autoinstall packages node.js globally. Include it first before any other require() calls.

var express = require('express')

And you're all good!