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Copy (copy)

Copy files and folders.

Indigo United

automaton task -


A more detailed description of what the task does. Avoid having code in here, unless necessary.


If your task requires something from the environment in which it runs that can't be guaranteed through package.json, you should mention it here, and give directions on how to get those installed (linking to another "how to install" is fine).


A concise description of how to use the task. If the task can accomplish a lot, consider breaking this section into several subsections, each incrementing on the previous, possibly with multiple examples.


Here's a list of the options that this task can take:

  • *files: Which files should be copied. Accepts an object in which keys are the source files and values the destination. Source values support minimatch.
  • glob (null): The options to pass to glob (check for details).


// Some example that shows how to use the task


Released under the MIT License.