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My first node module. Automatic invoice creator via json object.


My first node module for creating invoices with json objects

Auto-invoicer creates invoices through json objects and publishes them as a pdf file

uses npm package manager to install. use the following command to install:

npm install auto-invoicer
var test = require('./test.js');
var write = new test();
//read json file:
var obj;
var fs = require("fs");
var data;
var data = fs.readFileSync("invoice.json", "UTF-8");
//parse to an object
var obj = JSON.parse(data);
write.generate(obj);//send in the json object
write.writer();//write the file
		"name":"person's name",
		"address":"person's address",
		"items":[ #unlimited entries
				"description":"item 1 description",
				"description":"item 2 description",
				"description":"item 3 description",
*Editing footers and headers
*Editing photo and adding photo
*User suggestions
*unlimited entries
I will be happy to know that people are using this module.