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A streaming authenticated cipher with sensible defaults.

npm install auth-cipher


var authCipher = require('auth-cipher');
var cipherStream = authCipher.cipher(new Buffer('password'));
var decipherStream = authCipher.decipher(new Buffer('password'));

An encrypt then hmac stratagy is used.

Encryption is provided by create-cipher which is just a thin wrapper around node createCipher but using pbkdf2 to derive the key and IV. A 16 byte salt with 1000 iterations are used to derive the key and IV, aes-256-ctr is used for the cipher suite.

Authentication is provided by hmac-stream which divides the message into chunks and hmacs them using a key also derived from the password pbkdf2 but with a different salt. The size of a chunk is variable up to a certain size and is designed to be secure first with secondary goal of a trade off between avoiding too much overhead (lots of 256 bit hmacs with data chunks that are shorter then their hash) and avoiding buffering, Sync Buffer Stream is used for this. The HMAC key is incremented after each chunk and extra data is put into the last chunk to differentiate it.