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Auth Astro

Auth Astro is the easiest way to add Authentication to your Astro Project. It wraps the core of Auth.js into an Astro integration which automatically adds the endpoints and handles everything else.

Now supporting up to Astro 4

(disclaimer: Please don´t confuse this package with astro-auth)


The easiest way to get started is adding this package using the astro cli.

npm run astro add auth-astro

This will install the package and required peer-dependencies and add the integration to your config. You can now jump to configuration

Alternatively you can install the required packages on your own.

npm install auth-astro@latest @auth/core@^0.18.6

Note: If you´re using pnpm you must also install cookie: pnpm i cookie

Next you need to add the integration to your astro config by importing it and listing it in the integrations array.


Create your auth configuration file in the root of your project.

import GitHub from '@auth/core/providers/github'
import { defineConfig } from 'auth-astro'

export default defineConfig({
	providers: [
			clientId: import.meta.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_ID,
			clientSecret: import.meta.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET,

Some OAuth Providers request a callback URL be submitted alongside requesting a Client ID, and Client Secret. The callback URL used by the providers must be set to the following, unless you override the prefix field in the configuration:


// example
// http://localhost:3000/api/auth/callback/github

Setup Environment Variables

Generate an auth secret by running openssl rand -hex 32 in a local terminal or by visiting, copy the string, then set it as the AUTH_SECRET environment variable describe below.

Next set the AUTH_TRUST_HOST environment variable to true for hosting providers like Cloudflare Pages or Netlify.


Deploying to Vercel?

Setting AUTH_TRUST_HOST is not needed as we also check for an active Vercel environment.


  • Node version >= 17.4
  • Astro config set to output mode server
  • SSR enabled in your Astro project



Your authentication endpoints now live under [origin]/api/auth/[operation]. You can change the prefix in the configuration.

Accessing your configuration

In case you need to access your auth configuration, you can always import it by

import authConfig from 'auth:config'

Sign in & Sign out

Astro Auth exposes two ways to sign in and out. Inline scripts and Astro Components.

With Inline script tags

The signIn and signOut methods can be imported dynamically in an inline script.

  <button id="login">Login</button>
  <button id="logout">Logout</button>

    const { signIn, signOut } = await import("auth-astro/client")
    document.querySelector("#login").onclick = () => signIn("github")
    document.querySelector("#logout").onclick = () => signOut()

With auth-astro's Components

Alternatively, you can use the SignIn and SignOut button components provided by auth-astro/components importing them into your Astro component's script

import { SignIn, SignOut } from 'auth-astro/components'
    <SignIn provider="github" />
    <SignOut />

Fetching the session

You can fetch the session in one of two ways. The getSession method can be used in the component script section to fetch the session.

Within the component script section

import { getSession } from 'auth-astro/server';

const session = await getSession(Astro.request)
{session ? (
  <p>Welcome {session.user?.name}</p>
) : (
  <p>Not logged in</p>

Within the Auth component

Alternatively, you can use the Auth component to fetch the session using a render prop.

import type { Session } from '@auth/core/types';
import { Auth, Signin, Signout } from 'auth-astro/components';
  {(session: Session) => 
    {session ? 
      <Signin provider="github">Login</Signin>

      {session ? `Logged in as ${session.user?.name}` : 'Not logged in'}

State of Project

We currently are waiting for the PR in the offical next-auth repository to be merged. Once this happened this package will be deprecated.


Us waiting means on the PR to be merged means, we can still add new features to the PR, so, if you miss anything feel free to open a PR or issue in this repo and we will try to add it to the official package to come.

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