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Aurora Grid


The big idea behind Aurora Grid is to empower our users with all the tools necessary to create beautiful layouts for any devices with a simple and easy to use system.

It’s an easy, flexible and full of responsive and mobile first features, made for designers, CSS Grid System.

Use it to create modern website and apps with a strong focus on precise controlled layouts

You can also install through npm i aurora-grid

Custom Build

Aurora Grid was created using Sass . It includes some settings and mixins to control and create custom builds for advanced needs. For an easy to use development process you just have to install the npm packages and start editing, building and exporting your custom aurora-grid.css file. From the Terminal App, in the path where you have the Aurora Grid folder, you can run:

npm install

Now you have all the development dependencies installed in your node_modules folder.

We use Gulp as a task runner. Make sure you have it installed globally or just npm install gulp@next -g. Now you are ready to create a custom build of your project or watch it when working on it. Just run one of the two commands on the Terminal:



gulp watch

The scss files are in /src folder. And your output files will be available on the /dist folder.

More information about Sass settings and functions here

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npm i aurora-grid

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