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Uniform Resource Locator.


var Url = require("url");
var url = new Url("");
console.log(url.getParam("pa")); // "A1" 
console.log(url.getParams("pa")); // ["A1", "A2"] 


new Url(String url)


  • origin: readonly, and not changed when protocol, hostname, port modified! Until one day most of all browseres supports Object.defineProperty(). Use getOrigin() instead.
  • protocol: read+write.
  • username: read+write.
  • password: read+write.
  • host: readonly, not changed same the origin property. Use getHost() instead.
  • hostname: read+write.
  • port: read+write.
  • path: read+write.
  • search: readonly! Please use setParam(), addParam(), delParam(), and clearParams() method to modify query.
  • hash: read+write.

String getOrigin()

Get the origin info.

String getHost()

Get the host info.

String getParam(String name)

Get named name param string the first.

Array getParams(String name)

Get named name params string of all.

Url delParam(String name)

Delete named name params.

Url addParam(String name, String|Array value)

Add params named name.

Url setParam(String name, String|Array)

Add or replace param values named name.

Url clearParams()

Clear all param datas.

String toString()

Return url string.

Boolean Url.verify(String url)

Static method.