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Aurelia UI Framework

A bespoke UI Framework built on Aurelia for desktop business application

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Browser Support

Safari Chrome Opera Firefox Edge
Safari Chrome Opera Firefox Edge
>10.0 >49.0 >42.0 >51.0 >13.0


Demo for version 3

Framework Dependencies

Aurelia (
  • aurelia-bootstrapper
  • aurelia-event-aggregator
  • aurelia-fetch-client
  • aurelia-framework
  • aurelia-logging
  • aurelia-metadata
  • aurelia-router
  • aurelia-templating-resources
  • aurelia-validation
  • aurelia-ui-virtualization
Other JS Utilities
  • lodash (
  • moment (
  • numeral (
  • kramed (

Building The Code

  1. Ensure NodeJs and Git is installed

  2. Clone the project v4-dev branch from GitHub

git clone
  1. From project folder execute the following commands

  2. Install npm module dependencies

yarn install
  1. Build the framework source
yarn build:source

Use npm in place of yarn if preferable

Using The Framework via Local Link

  1. Create a npm link
yarn link
  1. Use the framework in your application
yarn link aurelia-ui-framework

NOTE: Ensure that the auf-utility-library module dependency is also added

Running The Demo Application

  1. Run the application
yarn start
  1. Browse the application on http://localhost:9000