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Aurelia Types Installer (ati) is a small command line utility for developers using Aurelia with jspm and TypeScript.

ati parses jspm configuration locates Aurelia package dependencies and installs their exact corresponding .d.ts declarations as proper anonymous external modules into a location of your choosing. As it install declarations, it generates TypeScript path configuratoin and writes it to a file named tsconfig.paths.json by default. If you are using typescript@^2.1.0, you can extend this file from your tsconfig.json


  "extends": "./tsconfig.paths.json",
  "compilerOptions" : { ... }

ati works best when installed as a local "devDependency" and is designed to be run as part of your build process.


$ ati install

Runs with optimized default options that looks for local jspm.config.js and tsconfig.json file and installs declarations dependencies into their respective versioned subfolders under jspm_packages.

$ ati install --projectDir Source/GitHub/my-app

runs relative to the specified directory

$ ati install --dest ./type-declarations

specifies the directory where .d.ts files will be installed. This is used to customize generation of tsconfig.paths.json

$ ati install --framework aurelia

specifies the name or prefix of the framework to install declaration files. Currently aurelia is the defualt value and support for other dependencies is experimental.

When run it produces the following output Files: tsconfig.paths.json

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": ".",
    "paths": {
      "aurelia-framework": [

Directories: types default .d.ts installation dir external, non-ambiant, module files containing the type declarations for all aurelia jspm dependencies.

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