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    aurelia-toolbelt ( v1.2.3 )

    • You can find documentation and demo here

    • We tried not to invent the wheel, but to utilise the existing libraries out there in js world, for Aurelia. What ever we used or inspired from will definitely have a reference to the original repository or website.

    • Bootstrap v 4.* components,are ready for production, however we are always reviewing them and there is an npm package available.

    A bunch of tools for creating rich aurelia applications. 😉

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    • It is worthy to note that this plugin is written with the skeleton provided by Vegar Ringdal. Many thanks to him 😄

    How to use the plugin

    1. run
    npm install aurelia-toolbelt


    yarn add aurelia-toolbelt
    1. use the plugin:

    How to get everything installed after download

    • install yarn npm i -g yarn
    • run node setup

    or run npm install on both root folder and sample folder.

    That will install all the npm packages in root and sample folder.

    How to test with sample folder

    • run gulp watch

    This will transpile everything using fusebox and start local sample at http://localhost:4444/

    Plugin source and sample source is typechecked/tslinted using fusebox-typechecker

    How to build

    • run gulp build

    This will use the fusebox-typechecker to test if any errors is found, if errors is found it will not clean up and make new build.


    npm i aurelia-toolbelt

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