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A simple notification plugin for Aurelia.'A simple info notification');



This plugin has no external library dependencies and is completely based on Aurelia.

Aurelia dependencies:

Used By

This library is an optional plugin and not used by the core framework.

Platform Support

This library can be used in the browser.

Building The Code

To build the code, follow these steps.

  1. Ensure that NodeJS is installed. This provides the platform on which the build tooling runs.
  2. From the project folder, execute the following command:
npm install
  1. Ensure that Gulp is installed. If you need to install it, use the following command:
npm install -g gulp
  1. To build the code, you can now run:
gulp build
  1. You will find the compiled code in the dist folder, available in three module formats: AMD, CommonJS and ES6.

  2. See gulpfile.js for other tasks related to generating the docs and linting.

Running The Tests

To run the unit tests, first ensure that you have followed the steps above in order to install all dependencies and successfully build the library. Once you have done that, proceed with these additional steps:

  1. Ensure that the Karma CLI is installed. If you need to install it, use the following command:
npm install -g karma-cli
  1. Ensure that jspm is installed. If you need to install it, use the following commnand:
npm install -g jspm
  1. Install the client-side dependencies with jspm:
jspm install
  1. Ensure that you have Chrome installed. Karma runs the test suite in Chrome.

  2. You can now run the tests with this command:

karma start

Running The Sample

To run the sample code using this plugin proceed with these additional steps:

  1. Go to the sample directory and install dependencies using jspm:
cd sample
jspm install
  1. Go back to the root of the project and use gulp to serve the sample project:
cd ..
gulp watch

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