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    AuraJSS - Styling with JavaScript made easy

    Note: AuraJSS is still in active development. 
    Some things may not work as expected and may change at any point.
    WARNING: V1.1 introduces a breaking change to UnitValue. `unit` now is `u`, and `value` is `v`.

    AuraJSS is a library that allows you to create fully fledged stylesheets using Javascript. With a high focus on being dynamic, you can choose to compile to file, or to do it on the fly!

    But why?

    Honestly, it started out as a small little fun project. This quickly became more serious though and is now being developed to be extremely usable and fast!


    First, you will need to install AuraJSS from NPM.

    npm i aurajss --save-dev //If you only use it to compile to file
    npm i aurajss // If you also want to compile on the fly.

    With this quickstart we will use Typescript, but regular JS will obviously work as well.

    Creating a Stylesheet

    For AuraJSS to function you need to create a new Stylesheet.

    import { StyleSheet } from 'aurajss';
    export default new Stylesheet{[]}

    Styling basics

    An empty stylesheet is not exactly useful, so let's add some styles!

    import { StyleSheet, selector, backgroundColor, RGB } from 'aurajss';
    export default new Stylesheet{[
            backgroundColor(new RGB(10,10,10))

    Above we have added a selector which will select the body element. Then, we apply a background color to it using a new RGB value. Note: You can choose to import each function from aurajss (an import with each one is below) or add them to a namespace with import * as aurajss from 'aurajss'.

    Compiling a Stylesheet

    Okay, so we have a Stylesheet with some styles. Time to compile it to CSS! You can do this in the same file, or create a new file. For this example we will use the same one.

    import { StyleSheet, selector, backgroundColor, RGB, compile } from 'aurajss';
    // We replace the export with a const so it can be used in the compile function.
    const sheet = new Stylesheet{[
            backgroundColor(new RGB(10,10,10))
        input: sheet,
        outpath: './aurajss.css',

    Now, if you run your script, it will start compiling the Stylesheet into CSS and (if everything goes correct) a new file will be created with the name present in output. You can disable writing to file by not providing an output path.

    compile also returns a string containing the compiled CSS, so you can use that for something if you want to (ex. On the fly compilation).



    We are open to your contributions! Please make sure you keep to the same style we use (eslint config coming soon) and that you test your code before submitting a PR. Additionally, make sure it is properly documented.

    Setting up for contribution

    Setup up for contribution is extremely simple, as we have 0 (direct) dependencies. However, to actually run your code having typescript installed globally is a good idea. You can do this with npm i -g typescript.

    After that, just run tsc in the root of the project and you are good to go!


    Developed by ATHER. Project is lead by Saltylelele.


    npm i aurajss

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