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Augmented.js Next Presentation

The Augmented.js Next Framework Presentation Module

Version 2.6.x

JC Denton

aug·ment·ed /ˌôɡˈmentəd / adjective adjective: augmented

1. having been made greater in size or value.

Augmented.js is a JavaScript framework designed from SPA/PWAs or mobile web development. Augmented.js provides a large set of functionality designed to develop single page applications easier.

The key focus of the project is to tie a number of missing features, patterns, and what would normally be third-party plugins together in a powerful framework. Another goal of Augmented.js is to limit third party libraries for a smaller footprint, easy dependency management, and high performance. Performance is a key item in the framework. In every case the performance will beat other libraries and frameworks (such as jQuery or React) usually by large amounts.


All JSDoc documentation is under the /jsdoc directory in the distribution as well as on the site at


The Presentation extension adds extensive abilities to the presentation layer.

Current Features:

  • Mediator patterned PubSub Views
  • MVVM Decorator and Directive Views with 'declaratives'
  • Security wired throughout the framework
    • Views can lock down
  • Utilities that support common abilities found in third party (only drastically faster)
    • Request (mimics jQuery API)
  • Enhanced Application Object
    • PubSub mediation and bootstrapping for Application objects
    • CSS Stylesheet registration and injection
    • breadcrumb management
  • HTML5 local storage factory with namespace protection support
  • Automatic Tables generated from a JSON schema and data
    • sortable
    • editable
    • pagination
    • local storage capable
    • linkable
  • Automatic Forms generated from a JSON schema
  • Dialog Views
  • Component UI Classes
    • Hamburger Menu
    • Toolbar
    • Header
    • Navigation
    • Article
    • Card
    • Footer
    • Menu
  • Models and Collections
    • Mock support
    • REST support
  • Powerful Router
    • pushstate routing
    • transitions

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