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Augmented.js Next

The Augmented.js Next Framework.

Version 2.7.x

"JC Denton"

aug·ment·ed /ˌôɡˈmentəd / adjective adjective: augmented

1. having been made greater in size or value.

Augmented.js is a javascript framework design to make development easier with full design features. Augmented.js provides a large set of functionality designed to develop single pages applications easier as well as mobile web. Augmented.js Next is full JavaScript 2015/2017 structure.

The key focus of the project is to tie a number of missing features, patterns, and what would normally be third-party plugins together in a powerful framework. Another goal of Augmented.js is to limit third party libraries for a smaller footprint, easy dependency management, and high performance. Performance is a key item in the framework. In every case the performance will beat other libraries and frameworks (such as jQuery) usually by large amounts.


All JSDoc documentation is under the /jsdoc directory in the distribution as well as on the site at


A few key features of the Core module are:

  • Validation framework for Models and Collections
    • supports JSON Schema Draft 4
  • Full i18n Message Bundle support
    • mimics the Java Resource Bundle API
  • Object extension with eventing support
  • Security wired throughout the framework
    • Views can lock down
    • Multiple Security models supported
  • Application metadata Object
  • Utilities that support common abilities found in jQuery (only drastically faster)
    • Very fast Object extends
    • Array tools
    • ES6-like Map data structure object
    • Stack data structure object
    • O(log n) Search and sort algorithms
  • Built-in logging factory with console
  • Async Queue for processing

And much more!



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