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Set the audits once and just run the tests. The runner is based on mocha.

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cd <project_folder>
npm init # If you don't have a package.json already 
npm install --save-dev auditing


Core usage

I still have to document how you can require and use the core directly but just so that you know, you can do it and the results are based on promises.


Set a .audit.json and run all the tasks you want when you pass it to auditing.

Note: Any kind of path should be absolute or relative to the place the script is called.

node <mocha_path> <auditing> --mocha=true --config=<config_src>


  • <mocha_path>: Pass the path to mocha. For example node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha. You could simply use mocha instead if you have it globally or if you're using npm scripts. It is required
  • <auditing>: Set the path for the auditing main index.js file. It is required
  • <config_json_src>: Path to the config json for crawling. It is required
node ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha ./node_modules/auditing/dist/index.js --mocha=true --config=".audit.json"


    "projectId": "<project_id>",
    "projectName": "<project_name>",
    "data": [{
        "src": ["<url_path>", "<content|markup>", "<file>"],
        "type": "url|content|file",
        "type": {
            "of": "url",
            "base": "<optional_url_base_path>",
            "baseEnv": "<optional_env_var_to_set_base_upon>"
        "enableJs": false,
        "waitFor" : "<html_selector>",
        "audits": ["<path_to_custom>", {
            "src": "<path_to_custom>",
            "ignore": ["<pattern_to_ignore>"]


  • type: It can be an object or a string
  • enableJs: Javascript isn't enable by default for security reasons. Use this if you really need it
  • waitFor: Usually used with enableJs. If the sources uses javascript to render, you may waitFor the selector to be present. It will only wait 20 seconds
  • base: Option only available for type url. Optional key
  • baseEnv: Option only available for type url. Optional key
  • ignore: Ignore rules and nested messages with ignore


Go under the src/_test/data folder and check the *.json.