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Audio Source Composer

The Audio Source Composer is an open-source Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) built on the WebAudioAPI to work on all platforms from web browsers to desktops applications to mobile devices.


  • Works on any modern browser on any phone, tablet or pc.
  • Instruments and effects can be wrapped in each other to build complex presets.
  • Note tracks can be called recursively for a highly structured song.

What's Currently Working

  • Add, edit, and delete notes and note tracks.
  • Edit note velocity and duration.
  • Quarter tone compatibility (missing in MIDI)
  • Recursively play back tracks by adding a 'Track Note'.
  • Track note transposing (play back tracks at different frequencies)

Under the Hood

  • Audio Source brings the WebAudio API to mobile by using a WebView as a proxy.
  • Songs, instruments, and samples written for Audio Source will work on any platform.
  • Instruments render using React VirtualDOM on the UI thread while rendering audio in the WebView proxy.

Planned Features

  • Sample libraries
  • Audio recording and editing
  • Track XY Grid for easy mouse-click composition
  • Real-time editing between multiple users (like Google Docs)
  • Server-side song rendering
  • Import/Export MIDI files
  • Variable BPM and other globals

Web Browser Demo (Alpha)

Click the image below to try Audio Source Composer (Alpha) on your browser.

Browser Portrait

Android Downloads (Out of date)

The Audio Source Composer Alpha Demo is available for download on Android Devices:

Audio Source Composer(v0.5.4).apk

Audio Source Composer(v0.5.3).apk

Audio Source Composer(v0.5.1).apk

Check back often for updates as we get closer to Beta!

Website Installation

$ git clone ssh:// --recursive
$ cd [audio-source-web]
$ npm install

Run Server

Note: This command should also open the website in your local browser.

$ npm start

Browse to Local Server


App Installation

$ git clone ssh:// --recursive
$ cd [audio-source-app]
$ npm install

Run in Android device

$ react-native run-android

Run in iOS device (MacOSX)

$ react-native run-ios

Coming soon: Audio Source Music Communities

SNESology Music Community

Listen to and publish remixes and arrangements (of copyrighted music)

AudioSource Music Community

Listen to, publish, and sell original music

How can I help? What should I help with? Are there instructions?

Most of the work will be done on our github repo. Check out the README for installation instructions.

We want help with everything from images, css, UI, testing, programming, and feedback. (And PR obviously!)

Git Repo:


Open-Source means the AudioSource project is free forever, and anyone can join in the development, so we're always looking for testers, artists, and all kinds of musician to contribute.

Currently the composer is in active development and has not yet been released. Check back often for updates as we get closer to Beta!{ If you want to join up, please contact us on the GitHub page.

Check back often for updates as we get closer to Beta!

How to report a bug

  • Go to and grab an account
  • Check for existing bugs with the same description
  • Create a new bug report describing the problem
  • List your operating-system and browser versions
  • If possible, include the developer's console in the screen-shot
  • Try to include a screen-shot of the issue
  • Optionally describe your issue in the #bugs channel on Discord
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