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    A handy nodejs package for audio processing.

    For example, it can extract frequencies from the audio and compute the pitch.

    The source code can be found on

    The npm package is on

    1. HOW TO USE

    1.1 A simple test on the library

    Just execute the following command.

    cd build
    $ cmake ..
    $ make
    $ ./audio_processing

    1.2 Use it in the Javascript

    This package has been published into the npm repository. Therefore, it can be installed via npm.

    $ mkdir your_project
    cd your_project
    $ npm init
    $ npm install audio-processing


    If you encounter some issues like permission denied while installing it, especially in a docker container, try the following command. Reason: The unsafe-perm boolean set to true to suppress the UID/GID switching when running package scripts.

    # npm config set unsafe-perm true 

    Now you could use the code. The example code is as follows.

    const ap = require('audio-processing');
    async function test() {
    let audio = await ap.readAudio("./wav/female.wav");
      ap.saveAudio("haha.wav", audio.wavdataL, audio.wavdataR, audio.samplerate, audio.bitdepth, audio.channels);
      console.log(ap.detectPitch(audio.wavdataL, audio.samplerate, 'acorr'));
      console.log(ap.detectPitch(audio.wavdataL, audio.samplerate, 'yin'));
      console.log(ap.detectPitch(audio.wavdataL, audio.samplerate, 'mpm'));
      // console.log(ap.detectPitch(audio.wavdataL, audio.samplerate, 'goertzel'));
      // console.log(ap.detectPitch(audio.wavdataL, audio.samplerate, 'dft'));
      let ampfreq = await ap.ampfreq(audio.wavdataL, audio.samplerate);
      // console.log('ampfreq=', ampfreq);
      let data = new Float32Array([0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19]);
      // console.log(data);
      let freq_data = await ap.fft(data);
      // console.log(freq_data);
      let td_data = await ap.ifft(freq_data.real, freq_data.imag);
      // console.log(td_data);

    2. CREDITS

    This code uses the FFTS, Pitch-Detection, AudioFile, Opencore-AMR, MiniMp3, and libsamplerate.

    Thanks for their great work.

    The detailed versions in use are as follows:

    # Project Version Date
    1 FFTS fe86885 Jun-17-2017
    2 Pitch-Detection 7799a62 Oct-07-2018
    3 AudioFile a6430a0 Jun-06-2017
    4 Opencore-AMR 0.1.5 Mar-16-2017
    5 MiniMp3 7295650 Sep-26-2018
    6 libsamplerate 313685a Mar-07-2019


    3.1 Supported Audio Format

    3.1.1 Format: .wav (WAV)

    Copy the AudioFile source code

    $ git clone
    cd AudioFile
    $ mkdir build
    cd build
    $ g++ -ansi -pedantic -Werror -O3 -std=c++17 -fPIC -fext-numeric-literals -ffast-math -c ../*.cpp
    $ ar rcs libaudiofile.a *.o

    Once these commands are done, the libaudiofile.a will be generated under the build folder.

    Copy the header file src/AudioFile.h and libaudiofile.a to ./include and ./lib folders, respectively, into this repository.

    3.1.2 Format: .amr (AMR)

    OpenAMR WB/NB

    3.1.3 Format: .mp3 (MP3)

    MP3 decoder

    3.2 Resample

    3.2.1 Sample Rate Converter


    $ git clone
    cd libsamplerate
    echo "set(CMAKE_C_FLAGS \"\${CMAKE_C_FLAGS} -fPIC\")" >> CMakeLists.txt
    $ mkdir build
    cd build
    $ cmake ..
    $ make

    3.3 FFT and MFCC

    3.3.1 Compile the FFTS static library

    $ git clone
    cd ffts
    echo "set(CMAKE_C_FLAGS \"\${CMAKE_C_FLAGS} -fPIC\")" >> CMakeLists.txt
    $ mkdir build
    cd build
    $ cmake ..
    $ make ffts_static

    NOTE: We must enable the -fPIC flag when compiling the ffts static library, to enable the "Position Independent Code". Otherwise, it will generate the follow error:

    /usr/bin/ld: ../lib/libffts.a(ffts.c.o): relocation R_X86_64_32S against `.text' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
    ../lib/libffts.a: error adding symbols: Bad value
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [Release/] Error 1

    Once these commands are done, the libffts.a will be generated under the build folder.

    Copy the header file include/ffts.h and libffts.a to ./include and ./lib folders, respectively, into this repository.

    3.3.2 MFCC compuation

    The code are written based on these great documents. Thanks for the authors.

    3.4 Audio features

    3.4.1 Pitch

    Compile the Pitch-Detection static library

    $ git clone
    cd pitch-detection
    $ mkdir build
    cd build
    $ g++ -I../include -ansi -pedantic -Werror -Wall -O3 -std=c++17 -fPIC -fext-numeric-literals -ffast-math -c ../src/*.cpp
    $ ar rcs --plugin $(gcc libpitch_detection.a *.o

    Once these commands are done, the libpitch_detection.a will be generated under the build folder.

    Copy the header file include/pitch_detection.h and libpitch_detection.a to ./include and ./lib folders, respectively, into this repository.

    3.5 Noise reduction

    3.5.1 Weiner filter for Noise Reduction and speech enhancement.

    Pascal Scalart. Wiener Noise Suppressor based on Decision-Directed method with TSNR and HRNR algorithms.


    npm i audio-processing

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