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audio-lena stable Build Status

The Lena test audio. Returns ArrayBuffer with mp3 or wav of the record.

Appropriate for testing size (1Mb), length (~12s), noisy background, visible spectral peaks with harmonics, pitch variation, mono (not default number of channels). Good for sound recovery, sfx, filtering, decoding, encoding etc.

Parameter Value
samplesCount 541184
duration 12.27s
numberOfChannels 1
sampleRate 44100
wav size 1.03 Mb
mp3 size 192.8 Kb
bitRate 705kbps
artist Lena Stolze
track title Oh lad le
album title Das schreckliche Mädchen
year 2014


npm install audio-lena

// MP3 arrayBuffer 
const lenaBuffer = require('audio-lena/mp3');
const context = require('audio-context')();
context.decodeAudioData(lenaBuffer, (buffer) => {
    source = context.createBufferSource();
    source.buffer = buffer;
    source.loop = true;
// Decoded arrayBuffer with float32 samples data 
const buf = require('audio-lena/raw');
let lenaSamples = new Float32Array(lenaBuf)
let buffer = context.createBuffer(1, lenaSamples.length, 44100)
let source = context.createBufferSource();
source.buffer = buffer;
source.loop = false;
// Data-uri 
const ogg = require('audio-lena/ogg-datauri')
let audio = new Audio()
audio.addEventListener('canplay', () => {
audio.src = ogg


let lena = require('audio-lena')

Entry Meaning
audio-lena Lena record constructor below.
audio-lena/raw ArrayBuffer with float32 samples.
audio-lena/mp3 ArrayBuffer with encoded mp3 data.
audio-lena/wav ArrayBuffer with encoded wav data.
audio-lena/ogg ArrayBuffer with encoded ogg data.
audio-lena/flac ArrayBuffer with encoded flac data.
audio-lena/raw-base64 Base64 string with encoded float32 samples.
audio-lena/mp3-base64 Base64 string with encoded mp3 data.
audio-lena/wav-base64 Base64 string with encoded wav data.
audio-lena/ogg-base64 Base64 string with encoded ogg data.
audio-lena/flac-base64 Base64 string with encoded flac data.
audio-lena/raw-datauri Data-URI string with encoded float32 samples.
audio-lena/mp3-datauri Data-URI string with encoded mp3 data.
audio-lena/wav-datauri Data-URI string with encoded wav data.
audio-lena/ogg-datauri Data-URI string with encoded ogg data.
audio-lena/flac-datauri Data-URI string with encoded flac data.

let result = lena({format: 'mp3', type: 'float'}?)

Get lena record with defined format and type.

Format Meaning
'mp3' MP3-encoded data.
'wav' WAV-encoded data.
'raw' Raw float32 samples.
'ogg' OGG-encoded samples.
'flac' FLAC-encoded samples.
Type Meaning
'buffer' ArrayBuffer with data.
'base64' Base64-encoded string.
'data-uri' Data-uri string.