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Create AudioBuffer from any source.


$ npm install audio-buffer-from

var createBuffer = require('audio-buffer-from')
//mono-buffer 1024 samples
var abuf = createBuffer(1024)
//stereo-buffer 1024 samples
var abuf2 = createBuffer(1024, 2)
//buffer from data with bound audio context
var abuf3 = createBuffer(floatArray, {context: audioContext})
//empty 1-sample mono buffer with default context
var abuf4 = createBuffer()
//0-length no-context buffer
var abuf5 = createBuffer(0)
//from duration
var abuf6 = createBuffer({duration: 1})
//from pcm data
var abuf7 = createBuffer(new Uint8Array([0, 0, 255, 255]), 'interleaved 96000')
//from data-uri
var abuf8 = createBuffer('data:application/octet-stream;base64,AP8A/w==', 'uint8')
//from base64 string
var abuf9 = createBuffer('AAAAAAAAAAAAAIA/AACAPw==', 'float32 stereo planar')
//from node Buffer
var abuf10 = createBuffer(Buffer.from([0, 255, 0, 127]), 'interleaved')


audioBuffer = createBuffer(source|length, channels|format|options)

Create audio buffer from any source data or a number indicating length, pass options to ensure output buffer parameters. A channels number or format string can be used to shorthand options argument.


Type Interpretation
null Blank 1-sample length buffer.
Number Length of resulting buffer.
Array of Arrays Every subarray is considered a channel data.
AudioBuffer Clone other AudioBuffer.
AudioBufferList Coalesce AudioBufferList to AudioBuffer.
Audio Retrieve AudioBuffer from Audio.
Object Create based on length/duration, channels/numberOfChannels and sampleRate properties.
Array of Numbers Raw data, interpreted by options.format, defaults to float64.
Float32Array Raw float32 data, amplitude range is -1..+1.
Float64Array Raw float64 data, amplitude range is -1..+1.
Int8Array Raw int8 data, amplitude range is -128..+127.
Uint8Array Raw uint8 data, amplitude range is 0..255.
TypedArray Any other typed array, described by options.format argument (see pcm-convert).
ArrayBuffer Raw data, interpreted by options.format.
Buffer Raw data, interpreted by options.format.
base64 string Base64-encoded data.
dataURI string DataURI string.
ndarray Create from ndarray instance. The shape property is considered as [length, channels].
ndsamples Create from ndsamples instance, similar to ndarray.


Property Default Meaning
length 1 Buffer length. If 0, buffer is unbound from context.
context audio-context Audio context to bind. null-context creates context-free audio buffer.
channels, numberOfChannels 1 Buffer number of channels.
sampleRate, rate 44100 Buffer sample rate.
format null Source pcm format string or object, see audio-format. If null, it will be detected from the source.



© 2017 Dmitry Yv. MIT License


npm i audio-buffer-from

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