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DOM attributes JavaScript module for ender or standalone use

npm install atts --save
var atts = require("atts")


atts.attr(element, name, value?)

  • Get or set attributes.
  • @return string|undefined

atts.atts(element, object?)

  • atts.atts(element) get object containing all attributes
  • atts.atts(element, object) set attributes via object
  • @return object

atts.removeAttr(element, names)

  • Remove attributes.
  • @return undefined

atts.toggleAttr(element, name, state?)

  • Toggle an attribute"s presence and return boolean state.
  • @return boolean

atts.isAttr(element, name)

  • Is attribute name present on element?
  • @return boolean

atts.supportAttr(element, name)

  • Test if element supports an attribute.
  • @return boolean

atts.anyAttr(element, fn?, scope?)

  • Count or iterate element"s attributes.
  • @return number

Chain methods

These exist on atts.prototype and are designed for integration into jQuery-like libs but can also be used via atts.prototype[method].call. Methods are generally compatible with jQuery methods of the same name.

  • .attr(name, value?)
  • .atts(object?)
  • .removeAttr(ssv)
  • .toggleAttr(name, force?)