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A command-line interface for working with .attheme files Usage


npm i -g attheme-cli


Type attheme in the terminal, then select select the theme to work with:

? Which theme do you want to open? (Use arrow keys)
> Create an empty theme
  Open the default theme
  Forest River
  <other themes from the working directory>

Then type the commands. The CLI will suggest commands and possible ending of them:

? Command: get gr
> get graySection
  get groupcreate_checkbox
(Move up and down to reveal more choices)
? Command: importwallaper one light
> importwallpaper one more light.jpg


Shows the list of available commands.

get <variable> [<variable> [...]]

valueof <variable> [<variable> [...]]

Both commands show the hex and channels of the variables values, like this:

? Command: get windowBackgroundWhite chat_wallpaper avatar_backgroundViolet
  Hex:   #ed4621
  Red:   237
  Green: 70
  Blue:  33
  Alpha: 255
chat_wallpaper is an image.
avatar_backgroundViolet is not added to the theme.

set <variable> [<variable> [...]] <value>

Sets the values of the variable to <value>, then shows their value. <value> may be a hex or rgb, like:

#fff // #rgb
#abcd // #argb
#1824cd // #rrggbb
#10b47c1a // #aarrggbb
124 234 43 // r g b
174 10 188 240 // r g b a

If some channel of the color is higher than 255, it gets normalized.

? Command: set avatar_backgroundViolet chat_wallpaper #63ba46
  Hex:   #63ba46
  Red:   99
  Green: 186
  Blue:  70
  Alpha: 255
  Hex:   #63ba46
  Red:   99
  Green: 186
  Blue:  70
  Alpha: 255

If chat_wallpaper was previously an image, the image is removed.

delete <variable> [<variable> [...]]

Deletes the variables in the theme and reports success.

? Command: delete graySection chat_wallpaper
The variables have been successfully deleted.

If chat_wallpaper is an image, it deletes it.

importwallpaper <path to the image>

Imports the image from <path to the image> to the theme. The path may be only to .jpg files, it may contain spaces. If the extension is omitted, it is automatically put. Here, Sepia Highway.jpg is imported.

? Command: importwallpaper sepia highway
The wallpaper has been successfully imported.

exportwallpaper <path to the file>

Exports the theme image into <path to the file>. If the .jpg extension is omitted, it is automatically put. Here, the wallaper is exported to Forest River.jpg:

? Command: exportwallaper Forest River
The wallpaper has been successfully exported.

If there's no image wallpaper in the theme, it won't export it.

save [<path to the file>]

Saves the theme. If <path to the file> is specified, then it saves the theme over there.

? Command: save
The theme has been successfully saved.

If the theme is new or default and the path is not specified, it saves the theme to Unnamed theme.attheme or Default theme.attheme respectively.


Closes the CLI without saving the theme.


npm i attheme-cli

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