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This app saves pdf attachments to the Desktop.

If you have Dell 2335dn or other scan-to-email device, it relives the requirement of cables, usb fobs, no longer supported jurrassic operating systems such as Windows XP or any half-ready drivers that might have been provided with your multi-function printer device.

This program also takes away the pain of entering an email subject line using a tri-tap keypad.

How to Get It


  • install from github to you machine
  • have node avilable


$ node app.js
=== 2012-04-23 19:45:46 AttachmentSaver starting
Application AttachmentSaver on node v0.6.14 available on ips[] port 5000 saving to folder /home/foxyboy/Desktop.

the local ip address of your machine is printed. setup your Dell 2335dn printer to sending mail to port 5000 of the machine's subnet ip. This can only be done from the web interface.

  • browse to the printer
  • click Email Settings
  • Fill in SMTP Server and Port
  • click Submit

Scans show up on your Desktop


Scan to email using the printer's panel as outlined in the manual essentially

  • Place your original on glass or in sheet feeder
  • navigate to Scan
  • press Start, Checkmark, Checkmark
  • If your original was on the glass, select More pages? No

That's all folks!


Written by Harald Rudell in April, 2012

Dell setup