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Source code management utilities for atvise

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atscm is a node.js based utility that stores the contents of atvise projects on the file system. This has several benefits to advanced atvise developers:

  • atvise project can be put under source control (e.g. using git)
  • source code can be edited in external editors
  • easier unit testing
  • easier source code linting / static analysis
  • source files can be preprocessed by using custom transformers:


This module can be installed via atscm-cli.

Installing atscm-cli
  • Make sure node.js (version 8 or later) is installed by running node --version.
  • Make sure npm is installed by running npm --version.
  • Run npm install --global atscm-cli to install atscm-cli globally. You may have to run this command as an administrator.

With atscm-cli installed run atscm init to create a new atscm project.

Basic usage

Pulling nodes from atvise server

Running atscm pull will download all nodes from atvise server into the ./src folder inside your project.

By default only displays, serverside scripts and quickdynamics will be split into their JavaScript and SVG sources. You can specify additional transformers to use in your Project configuration file.

Pushing source files to atvise server

Running atscm push will update all nodes from the contents of your ./src folder.

Automatically watching for changes

After running atscm watch files and atvise server nodes are watched for changes. If a file changes, the file is pushed, if a node changes this node is pulled.

atscm watch is very useful if you want edit source files in an external editor but still have the ability to use atvise builder's drag and drop functionality.

Project configuration

An atscm project's configuration is stored inside the Atviseproject file inside your project root. See the Atviseproject class reference for available options.




npm i atscm

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