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The AtropaToolbox's JavaScript bits!


provides tools for automating websites in Firefox, phantomjs, and other browsers. Providing several easy methods for creating and manipulating DOMDocument objects, The Glorious AtropaToolbox gives you flexibility in how you will retreive and manipulate data. You can operate on the visible window, in a hidden frame, in a completely separate DOMDocument object, or through the speedy magic of XMLHttpRequests. The Glorious AtropaToolbox provides a great deal of simplification in using the several methods mentioned so you can get on to doing whatever it is that you're trying to do. This toolbox goes great with phantomjs. Use The Amazing phantomjs to go crazy reading and writing to and from files, and acting as the user controlling an invisible web browser while you inject The Glorious AtropaToolbox into pages for great results!

Where do I get it?

The Atropa Toolbox can be installed through npm on node

npm install atropa-toolbox

You can also download it from github.

How do I use it?

Visual studio intellisense files are located in the docs/vsdoc folder.

You'll find the current build in the browser directory. Read the docs online at :

Documentation is located in the docs/jsdoc folder and appear exactly as they do online.

Can I hack it?


To rebuild this project you'll run the various scripts listed in package.json. The browser build is created by running npm run-script buildBrowserModule.

The built AtropaToolbox is located at browser/atropa-toolbox_web.js. To hack this project, edit src/atropa-toolbox.js. Tests are added or edited in browser/tests/atropa-toolbox.test.js and are run by jasmine. After you've modified the tests you can run them in node with npm test or open browser/atropa-toolbox_tests.html in your browser. See below for more information about running the tests in your browser.

Visual studio intellisense is available in src/atropa-toolbox.js because of the reference to

/// <reference path="../docs/vsdoc/OpenLayersAll.js"/>

Adding the reference will add intellisense code completion support to any file, as long as the path is updated accordingly. By writing jsdoc-toolkit compatible doc comments, any code you add to the project will be automatically documented and available to intellisense through that same reference listed above. Simply run npm run-script buildVsdocs to rebuild the vsdocs after modifying src/atropa-toolbox.js

What about tests?

To run the tests open browser/atropa-toolbox_tests.html in your browser. Some of the tests will fail when viewing this file locally (file://) because of browser security restrictions. Some of the tests will fail if you do not allow popups as well. There is a server included in this project which is run with npm start. Running the test page on the local server will show the behavior of the AtropaToolbox in your current browser when using it against a live server.

How can I contribute?

Submit a pull request on github.