A simple http server for node with autoindexing and lazy module loading.

A simple http server for node.

This is a rough draft, really rough. I believe I've got autoindexing working properly. I've also put in some redirection logic so that the current URL will always end with either a file name or trailing slash. This is to ensure that relative links will work in the autoindex pages.

The web root is the folder containing your node_modules folder. This server automatically finds index.html if given a directory. This server uses the mime module to automatically serve files with the proper content type. See the documentation on the mime module for instructions on adding custom mime types.

Basic Usage

Set up a node project with the simplest structure possible:

  |       |
  |       ____atropa_server

Then in index.html put whatever html content you want.

In myNode.js do:

var atropaServer = require('atropa-server');
// starting the server on port 9999

After that run node myNode.js and open a web browser to http://localhost:9999 and whatever content you've put into index.html will magically appear!