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    JavaScript module that provides random strings and numbers.


    The current published version:

    npm install git+

    For some packages I simply publish to the gh-pages branch since it's easier to generate web docs in the repo and push the whole thing. Check the repo if you try installing the master branch and don't get what you expect.

    Source code available at:


    In node:

    var random = require('atropa-random').random;

    In the browser this module is attached to the global namespace atropa, which will be created if it does not exist. Include ./browser/atropa-random_web.js in your page and atropa.random will be available in your page.

    For full documentation see docs/jsdoc. For Visual Studio intellisense files see docs/vsdoc.


    Tests can be run from the root of this package with npm test. They require jasmine-node to be installed on the system. If they're not already on your system, navigate to the root of this package and run npm install to get the devDependencies.

    To run the browser tests open browser/atropa-random_tests.html in your favorite web browser.

    To edit the tests for both the browser and Node, edit the jasmine test files in browser/tests. For tests specific to Node edit the files in the specs directory.


    There are several scripts listed in package.json for development and hacking on this module. They can be run with npm run-script followed by the scripts property corresponding to the script you want to run. For example, given a script called buildDocs, it could be run from the package root by:

    npm run-script buildDocs

    Of course you need to have the devDependencies installed. If they're not already on your system, navigate to the root of this package and run npm install.

    If you would like to reconfigure the browser module, edit dev/browserMain.js and then run npm run-script buildBrowserModule from the root of this package.

    If you alter the source in src/atropa-random.js please run the srcFormat, lint, and buildDocs scripts on it before submitting a pull request.


    Matthew Kastor


    The license, gpl-3.0, can be found in the License folder or online at




    npm i atropa-random

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