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A node module wrapper for jslint.

All this does is export the jslint function, and allow you to update the jslint version easily, it's simple.


npm install atropa-jslint

General use

See lib/jslint.js for full documentation on jslint.

Give it a file called mySource.js on the command line and see results in the console.

node_modules/.bin/atropa-jslint mySource.js

Add an output file to the command to have the results written there

node_modules/.bin/atropa-jslint mySource.js myResults.txt

fun with pipes

echo x = 2 | node_modules/.bin/atropa-jslint "" myResults.txt

do it from scripts

var os = require('os');
var fs = require('fs');
var jslint = require('atropa-jslint');
var result = jslint.JSLINT(fs.readFileSync('somefile.js'));
if(result) {
    console.log('no errors found!');
} else {
    jslint.JSLINT.errors.forEach(function (error) {
            '* Error:' + os.EOL +
            '    Reason: ' + error.reason + os.EOL +
            '    Evidence: ' + error.evidence + os.EOL +
            '    Line: ' + error.line + os.EOL +
            '    Char: ' + error.character + os.EOL + os.EOL

Update to the latest JsLint version.

var jslint = require('atropa-jslint');

Rollback to the previous JsLint version.

var jslint = require('atropa-jslint');

Update atropa-jslint

npm update atropa-jslint