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An ide for web development using ckeditor and ace.


This project depends on node. If you don't have node you can find it at

Once node is installed on your system you can get this module through npm

npm install atropa-ide



atropa-ide may be started from the command line. Go into the .bin folder inside the node_modules folder where you installed this package and run atropa-ide 5555. The server will start and give you the web address to the main page. In this case it will be http://localhost:5555 Use whatever port you want to when starting the server or leave it unspecified and a default port will be chosen.

The atropa-ide may also be launched from scripts.

var ide = require('atropa-ide');
var path = require('path');
var port = 9777;
var serverRoot = path.resolve('./node_modules/atropa-ide/');
// the port and serverRoot arguments are optional.
ide.start(port, serverRoot);
console.log('open http://localhost:' +
    port + ' in your web browser to get started.');

Load Files by Dragging and Dropping

Both the ckeditor and ace editor support loading files by dropping them into the editable area. They also support saving the edited content to local files. Click on the save button and your browser should give you the option to save the file to disk.




All options may be configured through the settings menu in the editor. The default settings are restored when the page is reloaded. To automatically set settings on page load, specify the setting in the query string of the url. For example to set the mode, theme, font size, and show invisibles on page load do

http://localhost:5555/ace editor?setMode=ace/mode/html&setTheme=ace/theme/github&setFontSize=24px&setShowInvisibles=true

All supported options are the same as their names in the settings menu. For items set with checkboxes, give their values as either true or false. To set the mode, find the name of the mode you like in the dropdown box and prefix it with ace/mode/ in the url. See the example above which sets the mode to html and the theme to github.

Autoload From Files or URLs

To automatically load a file into the editor on page load set the loadFile parameter of the query string to the path of the file you want loaded.

http://localhost:5555/ace editor?loadFile=C:\Users\kastor\Desktop\aFile.html
http://localhost:5555/ace editor?loadFile=

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