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    A CLI tool for, deploy your full-stack apps to the cloud


    Install with npm install -g atosone-cli


    Usage : atosone-cli command

    Options list :

    -a [APPID]

    Input your appId directly in the command line instead of using init.

    -t [TOKEN]

    Input your token directly in the command line instead of using login.

    -i [SUFFIX]

    (fs pull specific) Only pulls files with the specified suffix.

    -e [SUFFIX]

    (fs pull specific) Exclude files with the specified suffix from bein pulled.


    (fs pull specific) Skip files already existing in your filesystem.

    Available commands :


    login Login to our service

    init <app-id> Link folder with your app-id


    fs pull <source-folder> Pull folder from SERVER to LOCAL

    fs push <folder-to-push> <opt: dest> Push folder from LOCAL to SERVER

    Database - CloudBackend

    db pull Retrieves .sql file of your database from SERVER to LOCAL

    db push <sql-file> Restore the database on SERVER from the LOCAL .sql backup provided

    Api - CloudBackend

    api pull <opt: function_id> Pull all (or one) function(s) of your CloudBackend to LOCAL

    api push <opt: function_id> Push all (or one) function(s) from LOCAL to your CloudBackend


    export <path> Export your project to the specified folder


    help Displays this help text

    Usage examples

    After logging-in through our login command or using the -t flag, and setting up your appId with -a or with init. You will be able to use the CLI. Here are some examples to help you through the process.

    Pulling only files ending by ".js" in the root folder of your appdrag app.

    atosone-cli fs pull -i .js.

    Pulling specific functions using a Function Id

    atosone-cli api pull FUNCTION_ID

    To be able to find your function ID you simply need to visit the specific function in your cloudbackend and look at the URL. It will look like this : Simply copy the function ID after the '#', and paste it into your command.

    Pushing specific folder from your local files into your project

    atosone-cli fs push YOUR_FOLDER

    Our CLI will create a zip of our folder and push it to the root of your appdrag project.

    Pushing specific folder from your local files into a specific folder in your project

    atosone-cli fs push YOUR_FOLDER DESTINATION_FOLDER

    Setting up continuous delivery from development project A to production project B

    Import API Functions from project A:

    atosone-cli -a dev-project-a -t USER_API_TOKEN api pull

    Push API Functions to production project B:

    atosone-cli -a prod-project-b -t USER_API_TOKEN api push

    Up to date functions on the production project won't be updated if their last update date are greater or equal to the ones on the dev project on AppDrag. If you do changes locally, don't forget to push it on the dev project before pushing to the production, if not, updates will be skipped.




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