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Atomiq CLI

Node.js microservice development tailored for Docker environments.


  • Generate app, API, and library packages with ES6 and Async functions support.
  • Start services and run tests with commands leveraging standard docker-compose files.
  • Debug containers with Node Inspector.
  • API support includes optional directory-based routing conventions to simplify microservice development.
  • Signal handling for graceful server shutdown in Docker containers.
  • Includes lint, format, and cover commands based on ESLint, esformatter, and isparta.

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  • Primarily for Docker-oriented development
  • Only testing with latest versions of Node.js and Alpine


npm install -g atomiq-cli


$ atomiq <command> [options]

To see more command details, run

$ atomiq --help [or -h]


$ atomiq <command> --help [or -h]

The CLI is generally silent. To enable debug output, set the DEBUG environment variable for the type of project.

$ DEBUG=atomiq* atomiq <subcommand> [options]

Generating Projects

With the atomiq new command, you can generate api, app, and lib package projects.

API Generator

The API generator uses atomiq to provide lightweight structure and support useful for Express-based microservices. Atomiq is not a framework and doesn't get in the way of Express, but it does offer a nice convention for directory-based routing using ES6 classes that you can leverage if you choose to.

It generates a few sample routes using ES6 classes and provides a simple Node.js make script that supports building, running, and testing locally and in a Docker container.

This is a complete rewrite of the original CLI and also a replacement for the yeoman generator (generator-atomiq).

Atomiq CLI development for contributors

### make.js script

This project has a make.js script that supports building, running, and testing both locally and in a Docker container.

  • node make clean - remove the dist directory
  • node make babel - transpile src to dist with sourcemaps (ES6 and async/await support)
  • node make build - transpile, then build a Docker image
  • node make run [--local] - start in container or start locally
  • node make test [--local] - run mocha tests in container or locally
  • node make debug [--local] - run with debugging support in container or locally
  • node make watch [--local] - when anything in src changes, re-transpile to dist

### Development workflow

terminal #1

$ node make build
$ npm ln

# watch for changes in src and update dist
$ node make watch

terminal #2

$ DEBUG=atomiq* atomiq <subcommand> [options]

### Testing

  $ node make test [--local]

### Debugging

  $ node make debug [--local]

Open node inspector in browser


  $ open


 $ IP=$(docker-machine ip <machine>)
 $ open http://$IP:8080/?ws=$IP:8080&port=5858




npm i atomiq-cli

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