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A CLI that provides handy tools for using the Atomar PHP framework.

There are lots of PHP frameworks available. But how many have a well designed CLI that supports not only adding components but installing dependencies based on an open standard? Just one.


npm install -g atomar-cli


See the help for a list of commands and how to use them

atomar --help


You can customize this tool by adding the file ~/.atomar/config.json

Default Values:

  "repo_prefix": "atomar-",
  "use_ssh": false

NOTE: the repo_prefix applies to all repositories except if the repo name is atomar

Quick Start

Set up a new module

$ mkdir my_site/ && cd my_site/
$ atomar init
... answer questions

Add some controllers. If you do not specify otherwise a route will be automatically generated for this controller.

$ atomar add view Index

Add some dependencies.

NOTE: when installing a specific version we are searching for matching tags. The tag on the repository should be a properly formed sematic version but the version you give to the cli may be shorthand and contain wild cards such as 1.*.

$ atomar install files
... or to install a specific version
$ atomar install files -v 1.0
... or install a branch
$ atomar install files -v master
... or to update/install all existing dependencies
$ atomar install

Deploy your site. In this example we globally install the Atomar framework before deploying. You only need to do this once or whenever there is an update available. The deploy command will automatically link the deployment to the globally framework.

$ atomar install atomar -g
$ atomar deploy ~/www/my_site

Now assuming you've done all the tedious work of setting up your web server you'll be able to view a generic welcome page for your site.



npm i atomar-cli

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