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Enables AMD modules in Atlassian Plugin.

How it works - it needed to be run during Atlassian Plugin compilation. It analyses AMD modules in the Plugin and stores this analysis in target/classes/atlassian-modules.xml. At runtime Web Resource Manager uses this metadata to serve AMD modules to the Browser.

Command-line usage

Install it as global NPM module, you need to have Node.JS and NPM.

npm install -g atlassian-wrm

Go to your plugin and compile AMD modules

cd <your-atlassian-plugin>

Usage with node.js build tools

var compile = require('atlassian-wrm').compile;
compile(atlassianPluginXmlPath, outputDir, function (err) {
    if (err) {
        return console.error(err);
    }"AMD modules for \"" + atlassianPluginXmlPath + "\" successfully compiled.");

Please provide feedback

Currently it's unclear how we should integrate this tool in Front-End workflow to optimise development experience.

  • Hardcode it in AMPS and run it as a step during maven build?
  • Distribute it as a minimal npm library and allow Front-End devs to integrate it into their own custom build workflow, in tools like gulp or grunt?
  • How we should handle ES6? Should it be hardcoded and supported out of the box or we should give front-end devs freedom to choose their own build tools and languages like ES6, TypeScript or CoffeeScript and aim for this library being easily integrated in those workflow?
  • What other use cases do we need to support?

Also, feel free to hack this script and submit PRs.


  • It uses a little unusual approach to handle async stuff, maybe it would be better to rewrite it with some classical async helper like but, it could be done later.
  • Allow to specify prefix for AMD modules to search in src or target folders.
  • Adapters for grunt, gulp etc.




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