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Atlassian OAuth Validator

The Atlassian OAuth Validator can be used as express js middleware for a Node JS application. It serves the purpose to authenticate incoming requests from an Atlassian Application to the Node JS application.

The flow would be as follows:

  • Startup Node JS application hosting a plugins 3 plugin xml file
  • Install the plugins 3 remotable plugin in your Atlassian application
  • If a webhook was registered in the atlassian-plugin.xml file the Atlassian App will call the Node JS app on this webhook with the Atlassian app's public key and additional information
  • The Node JS app should then persist this in a consumerStore (see the example/consumerStore.js implementation)
  • The Node JS app should then provide a UI to approve consumers in the consumer Store
  • Once approved the oauthValidator.js middleware can authenticate incoming requests with oauth parameters from the Atlassian app.

To use the middleware you need to register the following in your app configuration:

app.use("/issue", oauthValidator(consumerStore));

In this case only URLs under /issue will be protected. A consumerStore needs to be passed in which will be used to lookup and approve consumers (see example/consumerStore.js for the API that this consumerStore needs to implement).

For a complete working example checkout: