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Atlassian Connect JS

The javascript API for Atlassian Connect. This is the README for version 3.0, which is the current version in use by Connect for JIRA and Confluence.


  • Node.js 0.10


NPM install takes care of everything for you.

npm install


To build the distribution:

grunt build

Running tests

We use Karma for running our Qunit tests.

To run tests in watch mode:

grunt test-debug

To run tests over the built distribution instead of the source files:

grunt test-dist

Linting && Coding Style Checks

Atlassian Connect uses its own subset of the JSHint and JSCS rules. To run both of these:

grunt lint

To lint individual files as they are modified run:

grunt watch:lint


To see a wider range of Grunt commands run:


Dev loop

To automatically re-create the dist directory on code change, run:

grunt watch:compile

To have your changes automatically loaded onto a running JIRA or Confluence instance, specify the path to your Atlassian Connect plugin resource directory using the deployPath parameter, e.g.

grunt watch:deploy --deployPath=/path/to/AC-plugin/atlassian-connect/plugin/src/main/resources


Contributions are welcome! However, the versions and branches of this project are in a state of flux. Before starting work, please contact the Atlassian Connect team to ensure you understand the process you'll need to follow.

  1. Create an issue in the Atlassian Connect JavaScript API project.
  2. Create your feature branch off release/3.0.0-do-not-delete.
    • Prefix your branch with v3/ to have the build picked up by the bamboo plan.
    • Include your issue key and a short description.
  3. Push your changes, prefixing each commit message with the issue key.
  4. Create a pull request against this repository (make sure you target release/3.0.0-do-not-delete).
  5. If your changes will affect the functionality of the Connect plugin, create a feature branch on bamboo and make sure the build is green against your ACJS branch. To make the build use your ACJS branch, set the maven.parameters bamboo variable to -Datlassian.connect-js.version=your-branch-name.

Releasing a new version

If you're an Atlassian developer and you wish to release a new version of Atlassian Connect JS for Atlassian products to use, follow this HOWTO.


Atlassian Connect supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome latest stable
  • Firefox latest stable
  • Safari latest stable (on OS X only)
  • IE 9 / 10