AtlasBoard is dashboard/wallboard framework written all in JS

npm install -g atlasboard

After installing Atlasboard as a global module, you may want to do this:

atlasboard new mywallboard

to generate your wallboard.

You probably want to reuse the dashboards, widgets and jobs that people have already created.

The Atlassian package is a good start. Atlasboard packages are installed as submodules. You need to initialise a git repository first. Just type:

git init
git submodule add packages/atlassian

Don't forget to setup your credentials (globalAuth.json file)!

Check out the wiki

Check out the Atlasboard website.

  • Fix issue #98: Expose pushUpdate functions to jobs to push updates to the widget independently of the scheduler interval cycle
  • Internal scheduler refactoring. Remove singletons
  • Added a check to change the NPM command executed based on platform
  • Remove console-helper
  • Allow custom templates to be defined in the local wallboard
  • Add bower to manage Atlasboard core front-end dependencies
  • Bump jQuery to 2.x. IE8 not supported anymore (if it ever was)
  • Unique events for widgets, even if they have the same combination of job, widget name and configuration.
  • Use "disabled" text instead of default error icon when widget is disabled
  • Send the AtlasBoard version in the User-Agent (request job dependency)
  • Fix deprecation warnings in use of Express
  • Warning when multiple callback execution detected in a job
  • Enable the cookie jar for request
  • Introduce install command and --noinstall option to start command
  • Add HipChat roomInfo endpoint and support for api v2
  • Upgrade request to ^2.53.0
  • Add support for expanding environment variables in globalAuth.json
  • Send errors to the client immediately (ignoring retry settings) on the first run
  • Always send error events to the client
  • Don't use absolute links / proxy support
  • Fix warning icon image
  • Use spin.js instead of an image spinner
  • Bump gridster to 0.5.6
  • Bump rickshaw to 1.5
  • Add an experimental confluence library to assist in fetching pages using Content API
  • Make sure config is never undefined
  • Fixing schedulers so job execution doesn't overlap if it takes too long
  • Improve project and job scaffolding
  • Add unit test to new job template
  • Bump up a bunch of dependencies (it was about time!)
  • Improve reconnect
  • Add new shinny 8x6 grid size screenshot
  • Allow configurable (per dashboard) grid size (issue #64)
  • Bump up cheerio to 0.13.1
  • Bump up grister to 0.5.1
  • Avoid widget title wrapping
  • related to issue #64
  • Fix package.json "bin" attribute relative path.
  • FIX: Issue #62. Properly namespace widget CSS by working with AST rules
  • Issue #50 and #60. Make easier developing new jobs by adding filters to atlasboard start
  • Refactor commands
  • Added more unit tests
  • Install only production dependencies on atlasboard start
  • Ensure that we return pg clients to the connection pool
  • Other minor fixes
  • Added easyRequest for easier querying HTTP resources.
  • Upping rickshaw graphics
  • workaround was clearing the cache)
  • FIX: Issue #53 Two versions of colors on disk throw.
  • Some refactoring and some of the pending code style changes.
  • Add build status using
  • package order resolution in widgets
  • FIX: Function.prototype.apply expect array in second arguments
  • Add moment as job dependency
  • Add underscore job dependency
  • Add async dependency for jobs
  • Use non-minified versions for easy browser debugging
  • Add/remove widget-level loading class for better styling context
  • Issue #42: fixed small regression for reconnects
  • Move packages from packages to samples/project/packages to avoid users build the dashboard in an atlasboard clone.
  • Clearer error message when job not found
  • Add {"start": "atlasboard start"} to project scaffold package.json
  • Error 500 rendering stylesheets/application.css
  • Issue #42: Nicer handling of error messages in the UI
  • Add rickshaw library to atlasboard core
  • Add postreSQL job dependency
  • Move third party assets to a separate third-party folder
  • Add storage dependency. Refactor dependency injection.
  • Issue #28 Add support for credentials file path
  • Change widget naming to not include widget id anymore
  • Added default config file so the custom one gets extended from this one.
  • Fix default dashboard so it has the necessary widgets to fill the whole screen.
  • Reorganize tests.
  • Use logger to wrap the error when a dashboard has the wrong format.
  • Make job manager error proof in case config file doesn't exists. If config file exists and it is invalid it should throw error.
  • Added hipchat integration. New hipchat dependency.
  • Allow fetching resources from widget folder.
  • Display error and exit if http server port is in use
  • Fix problem when displaying error with prevent the widget from displaying data again.
  • A dashboard name must match /^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]*$/ to be valid.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • FIX: Require node 0.8 or higher in package.json
  • Real-time logging visualization!.
  • Issue #13: "generate dashboard" generates files in a sub-folder.
  • Removed sample dashboard from atlasboard.
  • Ability to disable dashboards by setting enabled:false in dashboard config file.
  • Job task is executed in the context of the job object, so we can manage state across executions.
  • Error handling and logging on jobs
  • Prevent XSS in log viewer.
  • Extra test coverage
  • Disable logging by default through the config file
  • Use connect-assets to serve css (and parse stylus)
  • Enable serving of custom images from dashboards
  • Improve startup banner
  • can now resize browser and scale AtlasBoard.
  • use connect-asset for common assets, since we are fetching now widget assets on demand.
  • new atlasboard "list" command.
  • handle errors on child process when executing "npm install".
  • use minified versions of javascript libraries.
  • first release after some important changes in the core architecture.