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Aria Templates Automatic Tool

The Aria Templates Automatic Tool is a tool that helps you build fast aria templates projects.

Quick Start

npm install -g atgen


  • Cross platform (Node based.)
  • Wizard Mode & Single Command Mode.
  • Generates the most significant folders' structure for an aria templates project.
  • Generates the skeletons for all the files that you can create with aria templates.
  • Checks the composition of the files and folders names.

Wizard Mode

If you run the tool in wizard mode, using the atgen command, the tool will create this structure:


       --- doc
       --- model
       --- lib
           --- MyMacro.tml
       --- view
               --- MyTemplate.tpl
               --- MyTemplateScript.js
        --- style
                --- MyTemplateStyle.tpl.css
        --- MyController.js
        --- IMyController.js
        --- index.html
        --- README-AT.txt
  • doc: project documentation;
  • model: data model beans;
  • lib: macro library files;
  • view: all your templates and template scripts;
  • style: all your css templates;

Controllers, Interfaces and the bootstrap will be added to the root of your project.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute

Major components: