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    async-exec-cmd The MIT License

    Simple, fast, flexible and cross-platform async executing commands (with node-cross-spawn).

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    npm i async-exec-cmd --save
    npm test


    For more use-cases see the tests


    Async execute command via spawn. All arguments are rebuilt, merged, structured, normalized and after all passed to cross-spawn, which actually is Node's spawn.

    • <cmd> {String} Command/program to execute. You can pass subcommands, flags and arguments separated with space
    • [args] {Array} arguments that will be arr-union with the given in cmd. You can give opts object here instead of args
    • [opts] {Object} pass options to spawn and github-short-url-regex. You can give cb function here instead of opts
    • <cb> {Function} node-style callback function that will handle
      • err {Error} error if exists (instanceof Error), or null. It have some extra props:
        • command {String} the cmd plus args which was tried to execute
        • message {String} some useful message
        • buffer {Buffer} representation of the error
        • status {Number|String}
        • stack usual ... stack trace
      • res {String} representation of response for the executed command/program
        • notice when opts.stdio: 'inherit', res is empty string ''
        • notice when err, it is undefined
      • code {Number|String} e.g. 0, 1, -2, 128, 'ENOENT', etc.. Process exit status code of the execution
      • buffer {Buffer} buffer equivalent of response, e.g. <Buffer 74 75 6e 6e...>
        • notice when err, it is undefined
        • but notice you can find it again in err.buffer
    • returns {Stream} child_process.spawn


    var asyncExecCmd = require('async-exec-cmd')
    var child = asyncExecCmd('npm install', [
      '--save-dev', 'bluebird'
    ], function __cb (err, res, code, buffer) {
      if (err) {
        console.error(err, code)
      console.log(res, code, buffer)

    Possible signatures (will work)

    these examples should work without problems

    var cmd = require('async-exec-cmd')
    function __cb (err, res, code, buffer) {
      if (err) {
        console.error(err, code)
      console.log(res, code, buffer)
     * Try all these commands separatly or run the tests
     * they cover all situations
    cmd('npm', __cb)
    //=> res and buffer are undefined
    cmd('npm', {stdio: [null, null, null]}, __cb)
    //=> err Error object, res and buffer are undefined, 
    cmd('npm', ['install', '--save', 'bluebird'], __cb)
    //=> err undefined, code 0, res === 'unbuild bluebird@2.9.3'
    cmd('npm', ['uninstall', '--save', 'bluebird'], {stdio: [null, null, null]}, __cb)
    //=> err undefined, code 0, res === 'unbuild bluebird@2.9.3'
    cmd('npm -v', __cb)
    //=> err undefined, code 0, res === '2.9.0'
    cmd('npm install', ['--save', 'bluebird'], __cb)
    //=> err undefined, code 0, res === 'bluebird@2.9.3 node_modules/bluebird'
    cmd('npm uninstall', ['--save', 'bluebird'], {stdio: [null, null, null]}, __cb)
    //=> err  undefined, code 0, res === 'unbuild bluebird@2.9.3'
    cmd('npm -v', {stdio: 'inherit'}, __cb)
    //=> will directly outputs: 2.9.0
    //=> err undefined, code 0, res === ''

    Impossible signatures (will throws/errors)

    these examples should not work

    //=> first argument cant be function
    //=> should have `callback` (non empty callback)
    cmd(['--save-dev', 'bluebird'])
    //=> should have `callback` (non empty callback)
    cmd(['--save-dev', 'bluebird'], {ok: true})
    //=> should have `callback` (non empty callback)
    cmd({ok:true}, __cb)
    //=> expect `cmd` be string
    cmd(['--save-dev', 'bluebird'], __cb)
    //=> expect `cmd` be string
    cmd(['--save-dev', 'bluebird'], {ok: true}, __cb)
    //=> expect `cmd` be string


    Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
    But before doing anything, please read the guidelines.

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    npm i async-exec-cmd

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