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🚀 Astro SEO Meta

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This Astro component makes it easy to add tags that are relevant for search engine optimization (SEO) to your pages.

It supports Facebook, Twitter, Open Graph, and meta tags.

📦 Installation

This package is hosted on npm.

npm install astro-seo-meta

Or using yarn

yarn add astro-seo-meta

🥑 Usage

To add a base set of SEO tags in any of your Astro pages, import Astro Seo and then use the component inside the <head> section of your HTML:

import { Seo } from "astro-seo-meta"

<html lang="en">
          title="My astro website"
          description="My fast astro website"

        <h1>Hello from astro</h1>

📖 API Reference


Name Required Example Description
title false "My Astro website" Page title.
description false "My blazing fast astro website" Description of the page.
keywords false ["website", "blog", "astro"] Array of keywords.
icon false "/favicon.ico" Tab icon url.
themeColor false "#000000" Browser theme color.
colorScheme false "light" Preferred color scheme.
facebook.image false "/facebook.png" Facebook share image.
facebook.url false "" Page URL.
facebook.type false "website" Type of resource. See all types here.
twitter.image false "/twitter.png" Twitter share image. false "@astrodotbuild" Twitter handle of publishing site.
twitter.card false "summary" Format of Twitter share card. See all types here.

All of the Seo props are optional. If a prop is not provided, the associated meta tag will not be rendered.

// renders no seo tags

// renders all seo tags
    title="My Astro website"
    description="My blazing fast astro website"
    keywords={["website", "blog", "astro"]}
        image: "/facebook.png",
        url: "",
        type: "website",
        image: "/twitter.png",
        site: "@astrodotbuild",
        card: "summary",

// renders some seo tags
    title="My Astro website"
    description="My blazing fast astro website"
    keywords={["website", "blog", "technology"]}

What does this component do, exactly?

This package adds all the necessary and SEO-relevant HTML tags inside your page's <head> tag.

Change log

Please see the changelog for more information on what has changed recently.


Astro Seo Meta is heavily inspired by Next SEO and all the amazing work the Brad Garropy is doing developing it. Thanks Brad! ❤️

Also great thanks to Jonas Schumacher Author of Astro SEO. ❤️


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