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    Astro Feather Icons

    Feather is a collection of simply beautiful open source icons. Each icon is designed on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency, and flexibility.

    npm install astro-feather-icons
    pnpm i astro-feather-icons
    yarn add astro-feather-icons

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    All of the icons are available from a single import.

    import { AirPlay, AtSign, Zap } from 'astro-feather-icons'
    <AirPlay />
    <AtSign />
    <Zap size="60" fill="gold" />

    When importing all of the icons, only the ones that get used will be added to the page

    import * as Icon from 'astro-feather-icons'
    <Icon.AirPlay />
    <Icon.AtSign />
    <Icon.Zap size="60" fill="gold" />

    The icons are also available as individual imports.

    import AirPlayIcon from 'astro-feather-icons/AirPlay'
    import AtSignIcon from 'astro-feather-icons/AtSign'
    import ZapIcon from 'astro-feather-icons/Zap'
    <AirPlayIcon />
    <AtSignIcon />
    <ZapIcon size="60" fill="gold" />

    Prop Types

    The following Props interface is available to every icon:

    export interface Props {
      'fill'?: string;
      'fill-opacity'?: number | string;
      'fill-rule'?: "nonzero" | "evenodd" | "inherit";
      'height'?: number | string;
      'size'?: number | string;
      'stroke'?: string;
      'stroke-dasharray'?: string | number;
      'stroke-dashoffset'?: string | number;
      'stroke-linecap'?: "butt" | "round" | "square" | "inherit";
      'stroke-linejoin'?: "miter" | "round" | "bevel" | "inherit";
      'stroke-miterlimit'?: number | string;
      'stroke-opacity'?: number | string;
      'stroke-width'?: number | string;
      'viewBox'?: string;
      'width'?: number | string;
    • The Props interface additionally includes:
      • All HTML global attributes.
      • All WAI-ARIA attributes and the WAI-ARIA role attribute.
    • The title attribute transforms into a <title> element within the <svg>.
    • The size attribute transforms values like 1.5x into 1.5em.
    • The size attribute is used as the default values for width and height.


    This package is maintained by Edazpotato and based on svelte-feather-icons by dylanblokhuis.

    Licensed under the MIT License. Feather Icons & Feather name Copyright © 2013–present Cole Bemis.


    npm i astro-feather-icons

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