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    Extensible dashboard platform for domotics. Made in NodeJS, React and Materialize CSS.

    asterism-for-domotics is an application to let you build your dashboard to control/monitor everything you want as long as there is a module for that.

    Quick install guide

    git clone

    This will clone the project. You can modify your settings (used plugins) in the index.js if you want different plugins. Do it before npm install!

    npm install --production

    This will install without development/test dependencies (will use less disk space). This will install more than 1090 dependencies in about 5 to 15 minutes.

    HOST=<your-host-name> npm run gen:cert

    Optional: This will generate a new SSL certificate, needed for HTTPS service (to have speech recognition working for example). As your domotics server should be local only, auto-generated cert is sufficient, but you will need to install the certificate on your devices (browsers).

    npm start

    You can start it for test. You should use PM2 for production (for auto-restart, log management, ...)

    Update guide

    npm update --production
    npm start

    Install on PM2

    • Install PM2 globally, from npm. Root privileges may be required:
    npm install -g pm2
    • Optionally install PM2 log-rotate plugin:
    pm2 install pm2-logrotate
    • Install and save PM2 ecosystem for asterism-for-domotics:
    pm2 start pm2.config.js
    • Check installation:
    pm2 ls
    • To start & stop asterism:
    pm2 start asterism
    pm2 stop asterism
    • To auto-start PM2 at OS boot:
    pm2 startup

    And follow the instructions.

    For more details about PM2, see

    Warning: asterism server is statefull: do NOT use multiple instances/cluster (no load balancing available)

    Update it from PM2

    pm2 pull asterism

    This will stop the service, update it from Github, and the update dependencies and restart the process. This can take several minutes!


    npm i asterism-for-domotics

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