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An extremely lightweight Asterisk AMI connector

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npm install asterisk-ami


var AsteriskAmi = require('asterisk-ami');
var ami = new AsteriskAmi( { host: 'hostname', username: 'username', password: 'secret' } );
ami.on('ami_data', function(data){
    console.log('AMI DATA', data);
    //decide between Events and non events here and what to do with them, maybe run an event emitter for the ones you care about 
    ami.send({action: 'Ping'});//run a callback event when we have connected to the socket 
});//connect creates a socket connection and sends the login action 
ami.send({action: 'Ping'});


(AMI Data) These give you AMI specific information

  • ami_login Called when logging into the ami, no data passed back
  • ami_data Called for each event we get back from the AMI, with an object being returned

(net socket events) Use these events to determine the status of the socket connection, as if the socket is disconnected, you would need to add your .on('close') events again, this was a bug in the previous version of asterisk-ami, use these new events instead which will always be called, even if the connection has died and been reconnected.

  • ami_socket_drain
  • ami_socket_error
  • ami_socket_timeout
  • ami_socket_end
  • ami_socket_close
  • ami_socket_unwritable


  console.log('connection to AMI socket successful');
}, function(raw_data){
  console.log('every time data comes back in the socket, this callback is called, useful for recording stats on data', raw_data);
.disconnect() //logs out of the AMI and then closes the connection, sets reconnect to false so that it wont try and reconnect 
.send({action: 'Ping'}) //send an ami call, pass in a javascript object with the params you want to send the ami 
.destroy() //terminates the connection to the ami socket if say disconnect fails, or you've lost connection to the ami and you're not using reconnect: true as a param 

Configuration options

AsteriskAmi has preset/configurable options, you can set these via an object passed in to AsteriskAmi

  • port: Port number for Asterisk AMI, default 5038
  • host: Host of Asterisk, default localhost
  • username: Username of Asterisk AMI user, default: username
  • password: Password of Asterisk AMI user, default: password
  • debug: Do you want debugging output to the screen, default: false
  • reconnect: Do you want the ami to reconnect if the connection is dropped, default: false
  • reconnect_after How long to wait to reconnect, in miliseconds, default: 3000
  • events Do we want to recieve AMI events, default: true

NPM Maintainers

The npm module for this library is maintained by:


asterisk-ami is licensed under the MIT license.