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Store large assets such as Photoshop files or uncompressed audio files in a centralized Boar repo. Then use assetman to convert the files and place them in a DVCS repo such as Git.

Distributed version control systems often store entire copies of the repository in you working directory. Large binary files, such as .psds, cannot be diff'ed by Git so any time a change is made to these files, another copy of the PSD is added to the repository. Each developer then will end up with multiple copies of these large asset files.

Boar on the other hand is designed to store large binary files in a centralized location. The centralized location lets each developer only download the most recent revision of each file. assetman will allow you to store the raw assets in a boar repo and automatically convert them to smaller assets, such as .pngs, for storage in your DVCS repo.

The other use of the boar repo is for "Master Assets". If the compressed assets in the DVCS repo ever conflict, the assets in the boar repo can act as the master asset and be re-converted.

I intend on using this tool for video game development, but it can be useful for any project using large binary, convertible assets and a DVCS repo.

In this example we will be using [Git]( as our DVCS.

Setup your Git and Boar repositorys:

mkdir my_game
cd my_game
boar --repo=/path/to/boar/repo mksession MyGameAssets
boar --repo=/path/to/boar/repo import raw_assets/ MyGameAssets
git init # you will probably want to add the raw_assets folder to the .gitignore file

Add a assets.json file to your project:

  "boar_repo": "raw_assets",
  "target_dir": "assets",
  "converters" : [
      "pattern": "**/*.psd",
      "tag": "images",
      "commands": [
        "convert \"%i[0]\" \"%n@2x.png\"",
        "convert \"%i[0]\" -resize 50% \"%n@1x.png\"",
      "pattern": "effects/**/*.wav",
      "tag": "audio",
      "commands": "convert wav file command"

Running assetman all will convert the matching .psd and .wav files in the raw_assets folder and place the resulets in the assets folder.

  • all This command will convert all assets in the boar_repo folder.
  • recent Scan the boar log and convert and modified or new files in the last commit.
  • convert Takes a pattern argument and converts all the files that match using the appropriate converter from assets.json.

Both all and recent take optional filters that should match the tag fields in the assets.json file such as assetman all images or assetman recent audio images.

  "boar_repo": "path to boar working directory",
  "target_dir": "output directory for converted assets",
  "converters" : [
      "pattern": "glob pattern to match relative to boar_repo",
      "tag": "optional tag which identifies which filter this converter belongs to",
      "commands": "a string or array of strings, each one a command line to to execute"

The commands string can include two identifiers. %i represents the absolute path to the input assets. %n represents the absolute path to the output file, excluding the file extension. For example, if %i is /raw_assets/image.psd then %n would be /assets/image.

All globs are matched using the minimatch library.

Copyright (c) 2013 Tylor Reynolds Licensed under the MIT license.