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assertrc (assert real challange)

The assertrc is an alternative shorthanded assert collection.


const assertManager = new (require('assertrc')).base();

simple test

    '1', // value
    `===`, // rule
    '1' // sample

simple test upload


supported operators

tac Description
== Equal
eq Equal
e Equal
equal Equal
equale Equal
!== Not equal
neq Not equal
ne Not equal
notequal Not equal
notequale Not equal
=== Equal with type
eqt Equal with type
et Equal with type
qt Equal with type
equaltype Equal with type
equaletype Equal with type
!=== Not equal with type
neqt Not equal with type
net Not equal with type
nqt Not equal with type
notequaltype Not equal with type
notequaletype Not equal with type
j== Deep Equal
jeq Deep Equal
je Deep Equal
jsonequal Deep Equal
jsonequale Deep Equal
==j Deep Equal
eqj Deep Equal
ej Deep Equal
equaljson Deep Equal
equalejson Deep Equal
> Greater
greater Greater
more Greater
higher Greater
bigger Greater
biger Greater
larger Greater
< Less
less Less
lower Less
smaller Less
smaler Less
length Length
istanceof Instance of
istance Instance of
is Instance of
v== Value equal
veq Value equal
ve Value equal
valueequal Value equal
valueequale Value equal
v!== Value not equal
vneq Value not equal
vne Value not equal
valuenotequal Value not equal
valuenotequale Value not equal
v=== Value equal with type
veqt Value equal with type
vet Value equal with type
vqt Value equal with type
valueequaltype Value equal with type
valueequaletype Value not equal with type
v!=== Value not equal with type
vneqt Value not equal with type
vnet Value not equal with type
vnqt Value not equal with type
valuenotequaltype Value not equal with type
valuenotequaletype Value not equal with type
vj== Value deep equal
vjeq Value deep equal
vje Value deep equal
valuejsonequal Value deep equal
valuejsonequale Value deep equal
v==j Value deep equal
veqj Value deep equal
vej Value deep equal
valueequaljson Value deep equal
valueequalejson Value deep equal
r== Result Equal
req Result Equal
re Result Equal
resultequal Result Equal
resultequale Result Equal
r!== Result Not Equal
rneq Result Not Equal
rne Result Not Equal
resultnotequal Result Not Equal
resultnotequale Result Not Equal
r=== Result Equal Type
reqt Result Equal Type
ret Result Equal Type
rqt Result Equal Type
resultequaltype Result Equal Type
resultequaletype Result Equal Type
r!=== Result Not Equal Type
rneqt Result Not Equal Type
rnet Result Not Equal Type
rnqt Result Not Equal Type
resultnotequaltype Result Not Equal Type
resultnotequaletype Result Not Equal Type
rj== Result Equal Json
rjeq Result Equal Json
rje Result Equal Json
resultjsonequal Result Equal Json
resultjsonequale Result Equal Json
r==j Result Equal Json
reqj Result Equal Json
rej Result Equal Json
resultequaljson Result Equal Json
resultequalejson Result Equal Json




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