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Assert Runner

Author: Rich Hildred inspired by Gabriel Llamas' answer to this stack overflow question.

License: MIT

Really light weight test runner based on node's builtin assert.


npm install assert-runner

Given a class TestClass under test:

var Toolbox = require('js-toolbox');

var TestClass = Toolbox.Base.extend({
	constructor: function(){
		return this;
	synchronous: function(req, res){
		res.end("synchronous test");
	asynchronous: function(req, res, callback){
		res.end("asynchronous test");
		if(typeof callback != 'undefined') callback();

module.exports = TestClass;

TestClass can be tested using the following code (in test.js):

var TestRunner = require('TestRunner'),
assert = require('assert'),
TestClass = require('./classes/TestClass.js');

var oTest = null;
var tests = {
		"TestClass constructor" : function(){
			oTest = new TestClass();
			assert(oTest != null);
		"TestClass synchronous": function(){
			var oReq = new TestRunner.TestRequest();
			var oResp = new TestRunner.TestResponse();
			oTest.synchronous(oReq, oResp);
			assert(oResp.sBody == "synchronous test");
		"Test asynchronous": function(done){
			var oReq = new TestRunner.TestRequest();
			var oResp = new TestRunner.TestResponse();
			oTest.asynchronous(oReq, oResp, function(){
				assert(oResp.sBody == "asynchronous test");

new TestRunner(tests).again(0);

If we run node test.js the output produced will be:

Passed Test: "TestClass constructor" 1 of 3
Passed Test: "TestClass synchronous" 2 of 3
Passed Test: "Test asynchronous" 3 of 3

Depends on:

  • js-toolbox (