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An addition to Node's assertion library provides a paranoid (and enhanced) variant of deepEqual.


  • It ensures the given objects have exactly the same prototype.
  • It walks through every own property of an object including non-enumerables.
  • It treats subclasses of Date, RegExp and Buffer.
  • It assumes NaN is equal to NaN.
  • It throws from the place where the discrepancy was detected. So you should have full stack trace of the inspection process.
  • It throws AssertionError from Node's assert module with special Report object as the message. That object provides information about where the given objects are not equal and why.


Install it via Node Package Manager:

npm install assert-paranoid-equal

Then it can be used like so:

var enhancedAssert = require('assert-paranoid-equal');

enhancedAssert.paranoidEqual(42, 42);
enhancedAssert.paranoidEqual(NaN, NaN);
enhancedAssert.notParanoidEqual(null, undefined);

Look at the tests if you want more examples.

Report object

When the given objects are not equal at some point, paranoidEqual throws AssertionError from Node's assert module. It assigns actual and expected properties to the given top-level objects and message to newly constructed Report object.

Report objects contain the following properties:

  • reason — Machine-friendly reason identifier. See the source code for details.
  • expected — Expected top-level object.
  • actual — Actual top-level object.
  • context — Special Context object. It contains:
    • path — Position (array of keys) within the object where the discrepancy was detected.
    • expected — Expected check value at the given path.
    • actual — Actual check value at the given path.

Also Report objects have .toString() method, which returns human-friendly description of the error.


assert-paranoid-equal is released under the MIT License.