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    Loader for webpack to compile typescript with AssemblyScript and bundle it to wasm or btyes string


    npm i assemblyscript-typescript-loader --save



    module.exports = {
      module: {
        rules: [
                test: /\.ts?$/,
                loader: 'assemblyscript-typescript-loader',
                include:/assemblyscript/,//to avoid a conflict with other ts file who use 'ts-load',so you can division them with prop 'include'
                options: {
                    limit: 1000,
                    name: `static/assembly/[name].[hash:8].wasm`
    var w: u32, // width
        h: u32, // height
        s: u32; // total size
    /** Initializes width and height. */
    export function init(w_: u32, h_: u32): void {
      w = w_;
      h = h_;
      s = w * h;
    /** Performs one step. */
    export function step(): void {
      var hm1 = h - 1,
          wm1 = w - 1;
      for (var y: u32 = 0; y < h; ++y) {
        var ym1 = select<u32>(hm1, y - 1, y == 0),
            yp1 = select<u32>(0, y + 1, y == hm1);
        for (var x: u32 = 0; x < w; ++x) {
          var xm1 = select<u32>(wm1, x - 1, x == 0),
              xp1 = select<u32>(0, x + 1, x == wm1);
          var n = (
            load<u8>(ym1 * w + xm1) + load<u8>(ym1 * w + x) + load<u8>(ym1 * w + xp1) +
            load<u8>(y   * w + xm1)                         + load<u8>(y   * w + xp1) +
            load<u8>(yp1 * w + xm1) + load<u8>(yp1 * w + x) + load<u8>(yp1 * w + xp1)
          if (load<u8>(y * w + x)) {
            if (n < 2 || n > 3)
              store<u8>(s + y * w + x, 0);
          } else if (n == 3)
            store<u8>(s + y * w + x, 1);


    import asmPromise from "./assemblyscript/moduleEntry.ts";
      // here you can use the wasm.exports


    The loader supports some of the AS options here

    Name Type Default Description
    name {String\|Function} [hash].[ext] Configure a custom filename template for your file
    limit {Int} undefined Byte limit to the wasm file,if the size is smaller then limit value ,the wasm will bundled into js ,or the wasm file will build into dist ,well runtime , bundled js will fetch it and return the Promise object;
    publicPath {String\|Function} __webpack_public_path__ Configure a custom public path for your file
    outputPath {String\|Function} 'undefined' Configure a custom output path for your file
    inherited options from AS
    optimize {String} '-0' -O Uses defaults. Equivalent to -O2s
    -O0 Equivalent to --optimizeLevel 0
    -O1 Equivalent to --optimizeLevel 1
    -O2 Equivalent to --optimizeLevel 2
    -O2s Equivalent to --optimizeLevel 2 but with --shrinkLevel 1
    -O2z Equivalent to --optimizeLevel 2 but with --shrinkLevel 2
    -O3 Equivalent to --optimizeLevel 3
    -Oz Equivalent to -O but with --shrinkLevel 2 and same as -O2z
    -O3s Equivalent to -O3 with --shrinkLevel 1
    -O3z Equivalent to -O3 with --shrinkLevel 2
    optimizeLevel {Int} `` How much to focus on optimizing code. [0-3]
    shrinkLevel {Int} `` How much to focus on shrinking code size. [0-2, s=1, z=2]
    validate {Boolean} false Validates the module using Binaryen. Exits if invalid.
    sourceMap {Boolean} false Enables source map generation. Optionally takes the URL used to reference the source map from the binary file.
    debug {Boolean} false Enables debug information in emitted binaries.
    noTreeShaking {Boolean} false Disables compiler-level tree-shaking, compiling everything.
    noAssert {Boolean} false Replaces assertions with just their value without trapping.
    noEmit {Boolean} false Performs compilation as usual but does not emit code.
    importMemory {Boolean} false Imports the memory instance provided by the embedder.
    memoryBase {Int} 0 Sets the start offset of compiler-generated static memory.
    importTable {Boolean} 0 Imports the function table instance provided by the embedder.
    noLib {Boolean false Does not include the shipped standard library.
    lib {String} 0 Adds one or multiple paths to custom library components and uses exports of all top-level files at this path as globals.
    use {String} `` Aliases a global object under another name, e.g., to switch the default 'Math' implementation used: --use Math=JSMath
    trapMode {String} `` Sets the trap mode to use.
    allow Allow trapping operations. This is the default.
    clamp Replace trapping operations with clamping semantics.
    js Replace trapping operations with JS semantics.
    runPasses {String} `` Specifies additional Binaryen passes to run after other
    optimizations, if any. See: Binaryen/src/passes/pass.cpp
    enable {String} `` Enables additional (experimental) WebAssembly features.
    sign-extension Enables sign-extension operations
    mutable-global Enables mutable global imports and exports
    bulk-memory Enables fast bulk memory operations
    transform {String} `` Specifies the path to a custom transform to 'require'.
    measure {Int} 0 Prints measuring information on I/O and compile times.
    binaryFile {String} `` Specifies the binary output file (.wasm).
    textFile {String} `` Specifies the text output file (.wat).
    asmjsFile {String} `` Specifies the asm.js output file (.js).
    idlFile {String} `` Specifies the WebIDL output file (.webidl).
    tsdFile {String} `` Specifies the TypeScript definition output file (.d.ts).
    noColors {Int} 0 Disables terminal colors.


    You can configure a custom filename template for your file using the query parameter name. For instance, to copy a file from your context directory into the output directory retaining the full directory structure, you might use



      loader: 'assemblyscript-typescript-loader',
      options: {
        name: '[path][name].wasm'



      loader: 'assemblyscript-typescript-loader',
      options: {
        name (file) {
          if (env === 'development') {
            return '[path][name].wasm'
          return '[hash].wasm'


    Name Type Default Description
    [ext] {String} file.extname The extension of the resource
    [name] {String} file.basename The basename of the resource
    [path] {String} file.dirname The path of the resource relative to the context
    [hash] {String} md5 The hash of the content, hashes below for more info
    [N] {String} `` The n-th match obtained from matching the current file name against the regExp


    [<hashType>:hash:<digestType>:<length>] optionally you can configure

    Name Type Default Description
    hashType {String} md5 sha1, md5, sha256, sha512
    digestType {String} hex hex, base26, base32, base36, base49, base52, base58, base62, base64
    length {Number} 9999 The length in chars

    By default, the path and name you specify will output the file in that same directory and will also use that same URL path to access the file.



      loader: 'assemblyscript-typescript-loader',
      options: {
        name: '[path][name].wasm',
        publicPath: 'assembly/'



      loader: 'assemblyscript-typescript-loader',
      options: {
        name: '[path][name].wasm',
        outputPath: 'assembly/'


    npm i assemblyscript-typescript-loader

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