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assemble-middleware-wordcount NPM version

Assemble middleware for displaying wordcount and average reading time to blog posts or pages.

Upgrade notice!: as of v0.4.0, this middlweare requires Assemble v0.5.0.


In the command line, run:

npm install assemble-contrib-wordcount --save

Next, register the plugin with Assemble:

assemble: {
  options: {
    middleware: ['assemble-middleware-wordcount', 'other/middleware/*']

Visit the middleware docs for more info or for help getting started.



Type: Number Default: 300

Average "words per minute" to use for calculating reading time. This plugin uses 300 as the default based on the averages listed in this Forbes article.


Type: Boolean Default: undefined

Define seconds: true in the option to display seconds and minutes. Example: 7 min, 47 sec. (by default time is rendered in 1 minute increments, e.g. 8 min).


Type: String Default: prepend

Determines whether the wordcount and reading time will be prepended or appended. Example:


Type: String Default: .wordcount

The selector to target for the element that wraps the content that contains the words to count.


Type: String Default: .label-wordcount

The selector to use for the element that will render the wordcount.


Type: String Default: .label-reading-time

The selector to use for the element that will render the estimated reading time.

Usage Examples

Basic example

In your templates

  • class="wordcount" must wrap the content that the plugin should run against
  • class="label-wordcount" on the element that should render the wordcount.
  • class="label-reading-time" on the element that should render the reading time.
<!-- Blog Posts -->
<div class="wordcount">
  <span class="label-wordcount"> words</span>
  <span class="label-reading-time"> read</span>
  {{> body }}

Rendered HTML

<!-- Blog Posts -->
<div class="wordcount">
  <span class="label-wordcount" data-wordcount="1561">1561 words</span>
  <span class="label-reading-time" data-reading-time="7 min">7 min read</span>
  <p>In deserunt venison doner velit cow pastrami magna dolore ut jerky proident
  esse laborum. Fatback strip steak biltong tri-tip beef pork belly spare ribs
  in ut capicola. Sunt qui t-bone jerky est culpa. Deserunt duis adipisicing
  ullamco ex, eiusmod beef salami labore non chuck occaecat tenderloin shank
  cillum. Quis t-bone hamburger pancetta aliqua dolor. Magna eu ground round

Change selectors

The default selector is .wordcount. You can change this in the options as follows:

options: {
  plugins: ['assemble-contrib-wordcount'],
  wordcount: {
    selector: '.foo',
    countSelector: '.bar'
    timeSelector: '.baz'

And in your templates:

<!-- Blog Posts -->
<div class="foo">
  {{> post }}

Then in post.hbs:

<!-- Post -->
<article class="post">
  <h1>Breaking News</h1>
  <span class="bar"> words</span>
  <span class="baz"> read</span>

Display seconds

In the plugin's options, define seconds: true:

options: {
  plugins: ['assemble-contrib-wordcount'],
  wordcount: {
    seconds: true

The result will look something like this:

<span class="label-wordcount" data-wordcount="1561">1561 words</span>
<span class="label-reading-time" data-reading-time="7 minutes, 48 seconds">7 minutes, 48 seconds read</span>

If less than 1 minute, the results will look something like this:

<span class="label-wordcount" data-wordcount="12">12 words</span>
<span class="label-reading-time" data-reading-time="2 seconds">2 seconds read</span>


By default, wordcount and reading time are prepended to the text node of the specified element. Example:

<span class="label-wordcount" data-wordcount="1561">1561 words</span>
<span class="label-reading-time" data-reading-time="7 minutes, 48 seconds">7 minutes, 48 seconds read</span>

You can change this to append in the options:

options: {
  wordcount: {
    placement: 'append'

And this template:

<span class="label-wordcount">Words: </span>
<span class="label-reading-time">Estimated reading time: </span>

Would result in:

<span class="label-wordcount" data-wordcount="1561">Words: 1561</span>
<span class="label-reading-time" data-reading-time="7 minutes, 48 seconds">Estimated reading time: 8 minutes</span>


Find a bug? Have a feature request? Please create an Issue.

In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality, and run docs in the command line to build the docs with Verb.

Pull requests are also encouraged, and if you find this project useful please consider "starring" it to show your support! Thanks!


Jon Schlinkert

Brian Woodward

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Released under the MIT license

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